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Special Issues

The journal will organize special issues from time to time Below is a list of special issue.

  • Special issue in memory of Kay Magaard, Vol. 12. no. 2. 2018.

  • The list of papers accepted for the special issue will appear here.


    T. Shaska
    Department of Mathematics and Statistics
    Oakland University
    146 Library Drive, Rochester, MI. 48309
    E-mail: shaska[at]oakland.edu


  • Lubjana Beshaj
    West Point Military Academy

  • Fioralba Cakoni
    Rutgers University

  • Mirela Ciperiani

  • Artur Elezi
    American University

  • Jose Manuel Gamboa
    Universidad Complutense-Madrid

  • Jaime Gutierrez
    Universidad de Cantabria

  • Jeffrey Hakim
    American University

  • Enkelejd Hashorva
    University of Lausanne

  • Ruben Hidalgo
    Universidad de la Frontera

  • Tylor Jarvis
    Brigham Young University

  • Kay Magaard
    University of Birmingham

  • Emma Previato
    Boston University

  • Tony Shaska
    Oakland University

  • Sergey Shpectorov
    University of Birmingham

  • Pham Huu Tiep
    Rutgers University
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